Factory Premises

Our current manufacturing facility is located in Rabale MIDC, Navi Mumbai.

We have a full setup with state of the art facilities including:

  • 6000 Sq. Feet Shop floor with 2 Ton Loading-Unloading Capacity
  • 3 Phase Power Supply with Backup
  • Punching Machines
  • High Speed Wire Cutting & Stripping Machine
  • HV Tester & Meggar
  • Variable AC & DC Sources
  • Ferrule Printing Machines
  • UPS Supply for FAT
  • Drawing & Documentation in CAD

We have planned for forthcoming expansion with a Manufacturing Unit at MIDC Ambernath, Thane

  • Located at MIDC Ambernath, Thane
  • 12,000 Sq. Ft. Shopfloor
  • 67 HP 3 Phase Power Supply 

Employee Welfare

Our Dedicated Team of Engineers, Staff and Technician not only work hard and smart but also enjoy working with Tan Swa as a team for personal achievements and enrichment in all spheres of life.
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