PDB and APFC Panels

We manufacture Low Voltage Power Distribution Boards (PDB), Breaker Panels, Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) Panels, Sub Distribution Panel, MCB DB for different industries.

PDB Panels are used for Electric Power Distribution, Fault Protection and Monitoring of different Electrical Systems. It usually consists of Incomer ACB/MCCB, Switch Fuse Unit (SFU), ELCB, MCCB, MCB etc.

Any Electrical Systems containing Inductive & Capacitive Loads consumes both Active and Reactive Power. APFC Panels are required to improve Power Factor of the entire plant/facility so that Total Power Consumption (Active + Reactive) is minimized. It is usually achieved by means of Capacitor Banks which are switched on & off based on real time Inductive Loads such as Induction Motors. Nowadays APFC Unit has become a necessity as many Power Distribution Companies have started charging penalties in case of Power Factor Drop beyond a limit.

Salient Features of our PDB & APFC panels are:

  • Compartmentalized ACB/MCCB & APFC Section
  • Expertise with mounting & wiring of different types of ACBs/ MCCBs upto 2000A
  • Capability of manufacturing APFC panels up to 1600A
  • In house Busbar Cutting, Busbar Bending, Sleeving Facility
  • User friendly enclosure design
  • Compliance to safety norms
  • Testing Facility with 3-Phase Power Supply
  • Upto IP 54 Protection Availabel

Being located in Navi Mumbai, Our supplied Panels are working not only in India but also in various countries like Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia KSA, Oman, Kuwait and also in Austria, Germany, USA, Australia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Nigeria, China, South Korea, Bangladesh, Zambia etc