IMCC SS and VFD Panels

TAN SWA offers sophisticated Motor Control Solutions including Intelligent MCC Panels, Soft Starter Panels & VFD Panels.

IMCCs are gaining popularity over conventional MCC panels due its added functionalities like Microprocessor based Systems, better Protective Functions, Communication with PLC, DCS & SCADA over Profinet/ Profibus/ Ethernet Networks, Integrated Software etc.

To achieve smoother control, Soft Starters are used where current surge & load are temporarily reduced during start up. Soft Starters are economical choice in cases where torque and speed control is required only during motor starting & stopping. 

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are useful when accurate control is required throughout motor operation. In VFD, AC Power is converted to DC Power with Rectifiers and again converted to AC Power with Inverters using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Technique. This way, Voltage and Frequency is adjusted to control speed of AC Induction Motor. VFDs are popular in Fan, Pump, Conveyer applications and are also more energy efficient than Soft Starters.

IMCC, Soft Starters & VFDs can be networked on different protocols such as Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet, Modbus, CANopen etc and can be integrated with PLC or DCS . Energy Audit and Optimization is also possible by Monitoring Energy Consumption over these communication protocols.

Salient Features of our IMCC, Soft Starter & VFD Panels are:

  • Experience with Siemens/ ABB/ Schneider/Rockwell/ Danfoss VFD Drives & Soft Starters
  • In House Busbar Cutting, Busbar Bending, Sleeving Facility
  • Compliance to safety norms
  • Testing Facility with 3-Phase Power Supply
  • Upto IP 67 Protection Available
  • UL/CE Compliant Panels as per requirement

Being located in Navi Mumbai, our supplied Panels including IMCC, VFD & Soft Starter Panels are working not only in India but also in various countries like Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia KSA, Oman, Kuwait and also in Austria, Germany, USA, Australia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Nigeria, China, South Korea, Bangladesh, Zambia etc